About the book

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Ten Strategies to Stop Feeling Like a Fraud at Work is a new ebook designed for people who have ever felt as if they didn’t really know what they were doing at work.

You’ll discover:

  • What Imposter Syndrome is
  • 5 symptoms of Imposter Syndrome
  • Why people suffer from it
  • Ten ways to overcome feeling not quite good enough at work

The book includes stories from men and women who have built their self-confidence, tackled Imposter Syndrome and found their own ways to feel more positive about their performance at work.

Between all their tips and mine, you will find ideas that you can put into practice instantly.

“I think your book is terrific. I like the practical approach, the clear format, and the useful references you intersperse.” Liz W.

What do I get?

  • An 75+ page ebook, available to download instantly
  • An action plan worksheet for you to plan out how you are personally going to address Imposter Syndrome feelings
  • A bonus report: 6 ways to get taken seriously at work

“I am now 58 and retired. I wish someone had given me a book like yours about 25 years ago. I have learnt all the lessons in it the hard way. Most people starting out on a new career would benefit from reading it, both female and male.” Helen.

What if I don’t like it?

Use my contact form to get in touch and ask for a refund. No strings attached. You don’t even have to say why you want a refund, although if you do it will help me make the book better for other people.

“Very good information and certainly a guide that can be used by experienced as well as new people in any area of business.” Pat.

“Practical, easy to read and clearly laid out with lots of useful advice.” Jason.

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  1. Kindly advise how I can obtain the How To Ovea copy of the Overcoming Imposter Syndrome ebook.


    1. Geoffrey, the book launches on Monday 5 December, so you’ll be able to get a copy from this website then. Thanks for your interest!

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